South Florida Palm Society

June 6th SFPS General Meeting

SFPS General Meeting

June 6th @ 7pm

Dr. Lazaro Priegues (Director, SFPS)
“Plant Exploration on the Island of Socotra”

Socotra, an 82-mile-long island in the Indian Ocean, is home to some of the most interesting flora in the world. Yet it has been botanized for less than 125 years! When Scottish academic Isaac Balfour first explored it in 1880, he brought back over 200 plants species never before known to science. As a result of Socotra”s longtime isolation, the count of endemic species is now somewhere between 308 and 325 — nearly 40% of the island’s flora.

In March of this year, SFPS board member Dr. Lazaro Priegues spent a week in Socotra. At our June 6 meeting, he will present a program titled “Plant Exploration on the Island of Socotra.” Although the very dry climate of most of the island isn’t amenable to supporting many palm species, you’ll enjoy seeing Laz’s photos of some of the sights of Socotra, including the distinctive, and distinctively-named, Dragon’s Blood Tree.

Meeting will include a potluck and plant auction, contributions from member’s kitchens & gardens. We encourage you to bring your favorite potluck food dish, as well as tagged plants for the auction that follows the program. Thank you for your contributions.

Hope to see you soon!

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